4 Jaw Independent Dog Chuck


Independent Lathe Chucks are built specially for heavy duty and strong grips. Bodies of Semi-Steel are made from selected material. Brinel hardness is kept to the standard ratio. The body is grounded finished.



  • Reversible gripping jaws robustly proportioned care hardness and ground for precision work position.
  • All gripping jaws individually tested for Rack well hardness between 55-60 to ensure reduced wear & tear.
  • All gripping jaws accurately ground to give maximum bearing surfaces.
  • Screws are made from tested materials and quality as double bearing type to ensure long life.
  • Operating screws tested to Rockwell hardness of 30 to 35.
  • Jaws and Screws are made in ACME thread.
  • Body of chucks made from graded casting.